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Info Hash:
  1. CD1/00.-Sade - The Ultimate Collection [CD1].m3u435 bytes
  2. CD1/01.-Your Love Is King.flac23.99 MB
  3. CD1/02.-Smooth Operator.flac28.34 MB
  4. CD1/03.-Hang On To Your Love.flac30.42 MB
  5. CD1/04.-The Sweetest Taboo.flac29.71 MB
  6. CD1/05.-Is It A Crime.flac39.24 MB
  7. CD1/06.-Never As Good As The First Time.flac26.18 MB
  8. CD1/07.-Jezebel.flac31.43 MB
  9. CD1/08.-Love Is Stronger Than Pride.flac27.28 MB
  10. CD1/09.-Paradise.flac23.65 MB
  11. CD1/10.-Nothing Can Come Between Us.flac24.42 MB
  12. CD1/11.-No Ordinary Love.flac49.03 MB
  13. CD1/12.-Kiss Of Life.flac28.38 MB
  14. CD1/13.-Feel No Pain.flac33.78 MB
  15. CD1/14.-Bullet Proof Soul.flac32.27 MB
  16. CD1/15.-Smooth Operator (Long Version).flac59.22 MB
  17. CD1/auCDtect.txt6.24 KB
  18. CD1/DR12.txt1.69 KB
  19. CD2/00.-Sade - The Ultimate Collection [CD2].m3u406 bytes
  20. CD2/01.-Cherish The Day.flac38.05 MB
  21. CD2/02.-Pearls.flac24.15 MB
  22. CD2/03.-By Your Side.flac30.65 MB
  23. CD2/04.-Immigrant.flac24.23 MB
  24. CD2/05.-Flow.flac26.08 MB
  25. CD2/06.-King Of Sorrow.flac28.69 MB
  26. CD2/07.-The Sweetest Gift.flac13.11 MB
  27. CD2/08.-Soldier Of Love.flac36.64 MB
  28. CD2/09.-The Moon And The Sky.flac27.26 MB
  29. CD2/10.-Babyfather.flac27.34 MB
  30. CD2/11.-Still In Love With You.flac26.89 MB
  31. CD2/12.-Skin.flac25.28 MB
  32. CD2/13.-I Would Never Have Guessed.flac13.31 MB
  33. CD2/14.-It's Only Love That Gets You Through.flac18.74 MB
  34. CD2/15.-Paradise (Single Version Remix).flac38.80 MB
  35. CD2/auCDtect.txt6.19 KB
  36. CD2/DR12.txt1.66 KB
  37. folder.jpg534.29 KB