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Info Hash:
  1. Season 1/The Librarians S01E01.mp41.67 GB
  2. Season 1/Read Me.txt677 bytes
  3. Season 1/The Librarians S01E02.mp41.56 GB
  4. Season 1/The Librarians S01E03.mp41.30 GB
  5. Season 1/The Librarians S01E04.mp41.23 GB
  6. Season 1/The Librarians S01E05.mp41.29 GB
  7. Season 1/The Librarians S01E06.mp41.25 GB
  8. Season 1/The Librarians S01E07.mp41.29 GB
  9. Season 1/The Librarians S01E08.mp41.28 GB
  10. Season 1/The Librarians S01E09.mp41.22 GB
  11. Season 1/The Librarians S01E10.mp41.29 GB
  12. Season 2/Read Me.txt677 bytes
  13. Season 2/The Librarians S02E01.mp41.23 GB
  14. Season 2/The Librarians S02E02.mp41.22 GB
  15. Season 2/The Librarians S02E03.mp41.22 GB
  16. Season 2/The Librarians S02E04.mp41.23 GB
  17. Season 2/The Librarians S02E05.mp41.22 GB
  18. Season 2/The Librarians S02E06.mp41.23 GB
  19. Season 2/The Librarians S02E07.mp41.22 GB
  20. Season 2/The Librarians S02E08.mp41.22 GB
  21. Season 2/The Librarians S02E09.mp41.23 GB
  22. Season 2/The Librarians S02E10.mp41.23 GB
  23. Season 3/Read Me.txt567 bytes
  24. Season 3/The Librarians S03E01.mp41.24 GB
  25. Season 3/The Librarians S03E02.mp41.24 GB
  26. Season 3/The Librarians S03E03.mp41.24 GB
  27. Season 3/The Librarians S03E04.mp41.24 GB
  28. Season 3/The Librarians S03E05.mp41.24 GB
  29. Season 3/The Librarians S03E06.mp41.24 GB
  30. Season 3/The Librarians S03E07.mp41.24 GB
  31. Season 3/The Librarians S03E08.mp41.24 GB
  32. Season 3/The Librarians S03E09.mp41.24 GB
  33. Season 3/The Librarians S03E10.mp41.24 GB
  34. Season 4/Read Me.txt1020 bytes
  35. Season 4/The Librarians S04E01.mp41.23 GB
  36. Season 4/The Librarians S04E02.mp41.23 GB
  37. Season 4/The Librarians S04E03.mp41.23 GB
  38. Season 4/The Librarians S04E04.mp41.23 GB
  39. Season 4/The Librarians S04E05.mp41.23 GB
  40. Season 4/The Librarians S04E06.mp41.23 GB
  41. Season 4/The Librarians S04E07.mp41.23 GB
  42. Season 4/The Librarians S04E08.mp41.23 GB
  43. Season 4/The Librarians S04E09.mp41.23 GB
  44. Season 4/The Librarians S04E10.mp41.23 GB
  45. Season 4/The Librarians S04E11.mp41.25 GB
  46. Season 4/The Librarians S04E12.mp41.25 GB