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Frank Zappa - All albums
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The old version of this torrent do not work - hope this will...
This is all albums released by Frank Zappa...


Great Collection. Thanks A Ton.
This is a great collection. It took me over 10 years to get most of it on cd....
But kind people...please SEED.I've been trying to download this for days and haven't got anywhere with it.... :(
Good people...PLEASE, in the name of Frank....PLEASE SEED!
Many thanks!
What a classic artist! This isn't seeded nearly as well elsewhere. So, make sure to give back to the community and seed! We can keep this torrent alive and well that way =)
Must be one of the greatest torrents... Thanx all over!!
torrent file de-coding failed!! please try to re-download the torrent... I try to download this collection in parts due to disk-space and now i get this..... THANX 4 NOTHING!!
torrent file de-coding failed... please try to redownload the torrent. i try to download this collection in pieces cuz of discspace and now THIS.... MAY I ASK WHY???????????????
up and running again?
Wonderful! Though, i miss 1 album that i find is one of Zappa´s most important works and that is "King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays the Music of Frank Zappa" released in 1969. It´s not part of Zappa´s discography because it is considered to be a tribute to Frank Zappa but Frank was actually arranger, composer and conductor during the production. It´s great and i find it to be one of the most important works of his. Listen to the piece "Music For Electric Violin and Low Budget Orchestra" it´s a masterpiece (if you like the more esoteric stuff that is). There´s 5 more great songs in it. In the song "How Would You Like to Have a Head Like That" Zappa plays a guitarsolo. The album in a must-have for every Zappa-fan as it shows yet another side of Zappa´s genious. It was made in 1969 damnit!
this, above all else.. this i shall seed.
this is a great collection, thanx!
I just downloaded a few albums from this torrent and some of the first tracks I listened to sound messed up. The track "REDUNZL" on Studio Tan was distorted. I've only listened to a couple tracks so far so maybe it's just a few, but I'm pretty sure it's the files. Just a heads up.

I'm going to download that album from another torrent and see if it's better.
What an excellent torrent. Thanks a lot!
Thanks man, this is an excellent gift to the humankind.
omg, dude! Fantastic!!! Best torrent I've ever dl'd from PB...Props, and SEED!!!
Awesome!!! Best torrent ever!!!
Absolutely FANTASTIC torrent!! I have never seen all of Zappa's works in one place! After years of listening to him, I read up on his life & realized there was soooo much more that I had never heard... and the search began. I always seed 2-3x every file I DL. Keep it alive & pass it on!!
Thanks for this! I've heard of Frank Zappa but never really listened to him before - can't wait to check this out! =D
It's nice that someone has made the effort to collect all this.

However, some albums has very low bitrate, 128kbps which is worse than FM-radio in the 70's, but since we can find better versions, FLAC even, right here at TPB I think in the end we can all find what we want.
nicely torrented so you can choose the albums you want or need- really appreciate that consideration in larger torrents. great job
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