[CBM] Is This a Zombie Of the Dead 1-11 Complete (Dual Audio) [BDRip-720p-8bit]

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  • Japanese title: Kore wa Zombie Desuka? Of the Dead
  • Episode title: Yes, I`m Now Making a Magical Transformation Again!
  • Episode: 01
  • Episode length: 25 min
  • Anime type: TV Series
  • Air date: 13 January 2012
  • Description: * Based on a light novel series written by [Kimura Shin`ichi] and illustrated by [Kobuichi] and [Muririn]. Background: The passive high school boy [Aikawa Ayumu] gets killed during a spate of mysterious serial killings. However, he is resurrected as a zombie by the necromancer girl [Eu], whom he had befriended just before dying. When Ayumu reawakens he is tossed into a world with masou shoujo (magically equipped girls) and vampire ninjas. And of all things, he is assigned the duties of such a masou shoujo by the magical warrior girl [Haruna]. Ayumu is still a zombie, chosen (much to his dismay) by Gaia to learn of the dark secrets in the world — that should never see the light of day. And so life, as it is, with short-tempered vampire ninja [Seraphim], chainsaw-wielding prodigy masou shoujo Haruna, and mute necromancer Eu continues under one roof. Late after school, to avoid getting sunburned, Ayumu encounters the alcohol-prone fairy [Chris]. This overly cute adult in a child`s body is up to something... life at school could be so peaceful, if it were not for the enemies of the masou shoujo. — written by foo2 Note: The first two episodes received an early screening at a special event held at Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku on 13.01.2012. Regular TV broadcast started on 05.04.2012.
Available in versions: 1080p720p480pDVD
[CBM] Is This a Zombie Of the Dead 1-11 Complete (Dual Audio) [BDRip-720p-8bit] (Size: 5.41 GB)
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_00_-_Yes,_Thank_you_for_This_Encore_[F6AA1D5D].mkv 274.25 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_01_-_Yes,_I`m_Now_Making_a_Magical_Transformation_Again!_[72... 451.5 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_02_-_Aah,_Farewell_to_Me_[720p]_[B33260EA].mkv 423.55 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_03_-_Yo!_That`s_Some_Friendly_You-nity!_[720p]_[7171BF42].mkv 436.57 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_04_-_No,_Get_Lost,_Good_Sir_[720p]_[06B8FC2A].mkv 407.47 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_05_-_Yes,_It_Goes_Around_Every_Year_[720p]_[EDB13A2B].mkv 378.2 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_06_-_No_Way,_We_Were_Winning!_[720p]_[6595391A].mkv 465.18 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_07_-_Mm-hmm,_Teacher_Is_the_Greatest!_[720p]_[4991068D].mkv 526.11 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_08_-_Whoo,_a_Mixer_with_Kyoko!_[720p]_[94631581].mkv 500.46 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_09_-_Ah,_My_Darling_Is_a_Ne`er-Do-Well_[720p]_[DD4BD4DD].mkv 396.41 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_10_-_Still,_That`s_Okay_[720p]_[8E299D07].mkv 528.97 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_11_-_Yes,_This_Suits_Me_Just_Fine_[720p]_[93C60C15].mkv 415.55 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_-_e1_-_FUNimation_Video_Commentary_[92E2D971].mkv 339.07 MB
  [CBM]_Is_This_a_Zombie_Of_the_Dead_[480p-720p].sfv 3.03 KB


Video Source: BD-J
Video Codec: H.264/AVC
Video Resolution: 1280x720p HD (16:9)
Video FPS: 23.976

Codec: AAC-LC
Track 1: English: 5.1ch
Track 2: Japanese: Stereo

Track 1: English Signs/Songs
Track 2: English Subtitles

. Episode 0 (480p only)
. Episode 11
. English Commentary (EP. 04 & 10)
. Video Commentary (480p only)

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[CBM] Is This a Zombie Of the Dead 1-11 Complete (Dual Audio) [BDRip-720p-8bit]


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